In Home Training

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We design the one on one training sessions around your behavior goals & utilize our techniques with you in the comfort of your own home. This program will help you quickly get positive results while educating you on how to effectively maintain this obedience without having to become frustrated at your dog. With the In-Home program we will come to your residence for two lessons, scheduled two weeks apart allowing you to have practice time in-between. In addition to providing private lessons through this program we also offer unlimited follow up for the life of your dog!


Unleashed NC dog training program will address all behaviors such as:

House Training (Potty Training)

Puppy Biting / Mouthing


Chewing / Digging

Seperation Anxiety

Barking / Whining

Off the furniture (If Desired)

Dog Aggression


Come When Called

Place Command


Teaching Boundaries

Healing On and Off Leash

The Off Command

Sit / Stay

The Quiet Command