Obedience Training

The most important training for all dogs..

The first and most important training program your dog need to start with. Every dog is a different just like every dog parent. We offer different programs that will fit everyone’s specific needs to make your dog a well mannered behaved part of your family, without them losing any of their fun personality. We train dogs as early as 8 weeks old.

A big part of our success is our techniques, and the idea of active thinking. We believe the best way to teach your dog is to have your dog learn and teach itself while we coach and work with them to make sure they understand everything we want to communicate with them.  After completing our program both you and your dog will have the knowledge and tools to strengthen your communication and build an even better bond.


Puppy Training

for dogs under the age of 16 weeks

Puppies can be a hand full, but we are here to help. The puppy class is a private at home lesson in which your family will be able to work with a trainer one on one to help the family with their new addition.  In the class you will learn how to start teaching your puppy how to sit, down, and place. We will also go over teaching your puppy his/her name, potty training, noise desensitization, fetch, and leash walking.

Feel free to take our puppy consultation class.

Board & Train

2 weeks of consistent professional training

Our Board and Train are perfect for busy owners, dogs who need extra attention, puppies, and families going on vacation. When your dog can not go on vacation with the rest of the family they will already need to be boarded, so why not have them trained. When you come back from a stress free vacation, you will also come back to a stress free home.

Our training programs are typically last 2 weeks, and are conducted in real world situations. After completion of the program a trained professional has a private lesson with the dog parents and teaches you how to transfer everything to the dogs own environment. Complimentary drop off is available. Most of our dogs achieve off leash training within 2 weeks.

Plus you also receive free follow up lessons for the life of your dog! Let us unleash your dog’s potential!

In home Training

learn with your dog...

Would you like to learn along side your dog? Learn our techniques so you can your puppy can become better educated on issues you are facing at home. We designed a program in which you will see results immediately.  

With our in home program we will go to your residence once a week for three weeks to tackle the individual issues you are having. In between we will give you guys time to practice the commands, and you will have access to communicate with your own professional trainer along the way.

In addition to the three week lessons you receive you also get free follow up lessons for the life of your dog!